4 Creative Things Made from Hemp

Posted on January 3rd 2020

Hemp, otherwise known as industrial hemp, is derived from Cannabis Sativa which is produced specifically for industrial purposes. Hemp is manufactured and shipped out to a wide variety of businesses to create various products, as well as fulfill a multitude of different services. A common misconception concerning industrial hemp is that it is essentially marijuana, which means it would contain a high enough percentage of THC or CBD. The fact is, there is less than 0.5% of THC content in hemp products which means it cannot be used to get people high. Hemp can be used as an inventive ingredient for so many projects & products including:


Paper/Cardboard Products


Using trees to make paper seemed to make the most sense when the practice was adopted by countless industries worldwide. The depletion of trees is undoubtedly an environmental concern, but what is also concerning is the time in which it takes for a tree to fully grow. Hemp, on the other hand, is grown in only a few months and it can be used to create a premium quality paper. Hemp paper can also be recycled up to seven times, whereas paper from trees can only be recycled up to three times.




Hemp can be used by savvy fashion designers to create clothing articles. One reason that hemp clothing is popular among consumers is that the more it gets washed the softer the material becomes. Hemp is an environmentally conscientious solution as it will produce nearly three times the amount of clothing that cotton would. Hemp is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides which will prevent skin irritations and other health concerns. Hemp is a more efficient insulator as it helps keep you warm in colder climates. It’s also breathable which makes for perfect attire on hot, sunny days.




Hemp seeds contain an abundance of protein and provide us with our required daily amount of Vitamin B1, Phosphorus, Manganese, it also contains a bountiful amount of copper and iron. Hemp is rich in potassium which helps reduce hypertension and hypokalemia. The absence of phytic acid means that all the vitamins and nutritional components that hemp seeds offer will be used by your body and will not be wasted. 




Unfortunately, those expensive bottles of shampoo that you may have purchased for an unmatched shine may extract your hair’s natural oils which could diminish its health leaving it more prone to breaking and splitting. The vitamins in hemp oils are essential for healthy, soft and luscious hair. The vitamin E that is present in hemp oil will also prevent hair loss.

The cultivation and production of hemp products may not possess mainstream popularity, but the benefits that it provides cannot be understated. For more information on hemp and all things relating to cannabis, contact GreenLeaf Productions today!

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