5 Reasons Cannabis and Spirituality Go Hand-in-Hand

Posted on March 5th 2019

What do you believe?

Are you religious? If not religious, do you at least believe in some sort of higher power that’s working behind the scenes, controlling everything. Kinda like Google but for, you know, the whole universe?

Or maybe you don’t believe in any of that. Maybe you’re an atheist or agnostic, and you only accept as fact what you can observe with your five senses.

Some people believe that true spirituality goes beyond the tenets of any particular faith. It doesn’t even require that you believe in anything.

Apirituality is about recognizing the inter-connectedness of life and living your life in a way that acknowledges that connectedness.

Living that way is no small feat. But, this writer believes cannabis can help.

1. Cannabis Can Alter Your Consciousness

But the thing about getting your consciousness altered is that it forces you to look at life in ways you’ve never looked at it before. That’s what a lot of spiritual techniques emphasize.

Yoga. Meditation. Dancing. Fasting. These all are designed to take you out of your normal, baseline level of consciousness and put you in an “elevated” state (it’s no wonder we came up with the phrase “getting high”).

Cannabis does the same thing. It moves you from one mental state to another - a state where anything becomes possible.

2. Cannabis Can Enhance Your Experience of Reality

There's the movie Half-Baked? Comedian Jon Stewart makes a cameo in the movie, where he plays a guy who’s all about the “enhancement high.” According to him, everything’s better on weed, whether it’s watching a movie or staring up at the stars.

Even though that scene is pretty silly (and funny), there is a nugget of wisdom there. Cannabis can open us up and get us to notice things that we didn’t notice before. Colors, shapes, objects, people...they suddenly take on a different significance.

It forces us to really be in the present, to really look at life and taste it…and I think that ultimately inspires us to be more grateful for what we have.

3. Cannabis Can Inspire You

Have you ever consumed cannabis, and suddenly you came up with a great idea?

 And by “great idea,” I mean an idea that’s still great the next day when you’re stone-cold sober.

Throughout history, artists, creative thinkers, and scientists have used cannabis to help them come up with amazing insights.

But is inspiration a spiritual process?

Consider this: the word “inspire” comes from the Latin īnspīrāre, which means “to breathe or blow into.”

That word also shares a connection to the Latin word spīritus (“spirit”) which means “breath.”

Something to think about!

4. Cannabis Can Make Us More Relaxed and Loving

It’s really hard to get into a fight with someone when you’re under the influence of cannabis. Not impossible, but really hard.

Most people just want to hang out, have a good time, and be at peace. And isn’t that the core principle of most religions? Peace? Love? Harmony?


5. Humans Have Combined Cannabis and Spirituality for Thousands of Year

As a writer, I usually don’t like to appeal to tradition in order to back up a point.

But there’s evidence that suggests that cannabis was (and in some cases still is) used for ritual purposes in ancient Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.
People using plants to reach mystical states of consciousness is not a new thing.

Just saying!

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