5 Things Edibles Masters Do That Put the Rest of Us to Shame

Posted on October 15th 2018

Masters don't ride the unknown highs and lows of getting high on edibles. They've graduated to a different "consciousness" where labelling, lab-tested products, set and setting are the ruling forces.  

Eating marijuana turns the cannabinoid THC into a super-charged psychedelic, a metabolite called 11-OH-THC. But those who have cracked the code of using edibles do a few things differently than most of us when they want an otherworldly experience they can control. 

1. They have intention. 

Not intention to distribute—that's a felony—but "purpose." The mindset in which you enter the experience is almost always how you will feel throughout, but amplified. And a long trip it will be too, so you better get your head straight with a positive intention, or you may find that your breadcrumb trail back to positive vibes has disappeared. Pause for a beat before you put anything in your mouth and take an inventory of how you feel physically and emotionally. All good? Then you might be primed for a groovy time. 

2. They're fluent in the language of dosage.

Edibles start at doses of 2mg of THC to thousands of milligrams and the one that's right for you is somewhere in there. 

Until dosages are sorted out by producers, we all face a mission to find the smallest effective dosage that works for us and use that to build optimal cannabis experiences. Eventually, you can get to know your body well enough that you can dial your edibles in to suit the time of day, what you're doing, and your desired effect. 

"Start low, go slow" is good to practice when starting out with edibles, after taking a break from cannabis, or trying a more potent edible. Eat a small morsel, come back for more only if you're comfortable with the effects of the first hit. 

3. They respect the entourage. 

Cannabis is a fickle alien of a plant. It can make hundreds of therapeutic compounds—cannabinoids and terpenes—but each plant excretes them in varying amounts, making consistent dosing even more complicated.

A plant's signature mix of cannabinoids and terpenes support and interact with each other in a phenomenon called the "entourage effect."

The effect can make one strain both uplift and relax, or sedate and inspire. Look for edibles that use the whole plant for a fuller entourage effect that a THC-isolate product will lack.

4. They don't start hungry. 

When eating marijuana, cannabinoids must travel through the stomach, so eating food or a meal before consuming edibles will help slow down their metabolization. It's similar to someone lining their stomach before a night of drinking. 

5. They're discerning about their marijuana edibles. 

Most edibles are sugary, salty, and full of preservatives. But you can do better. Check the ingredients list and nutritional information, or take a cannabis-infused oil and dose the healthy foods you make at home. Fewer extra calories and minimal grassy taste. 

Plenty of Canadians are already using edible cannabis to gain better sleep, pain relief and as an alternative to other drugs. First-time users are flocking in to try them, and it's helping cut the smoking rate. For discrete, tasty, take-anywhere - medicating edibles can't be beaten if you know how to use them like a master. 

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