9 Of the Chillest Cannabis Jobs You Can Get in Canada

Posted on November 8th 2018

By the end of 2018, Canada should be slinging legal marijuana to any adult that wants it and making a killing with tax dollars paid by the newly-legal Canadian cannabis consumers. 

As pot continues its march into the mainstream, there's an untold number of new jobs.

We asked around to find the most chill jobs in the cannabis industry right now. 

1. Social Media & Marketing for a Cannabis Brand

Do you have the kind of detail-oriented social media skills that would serve a product as regulated as cannabis? 

Marijuana content is tricky, so you'll have to know the existing rules and track the ones that evolve. Natural social butterflies who know how to keep an Insta from being shut down will love this type of position. Some travel may be involved if your employer tours the big festivals and cannabis comps. 

Tidy up your social presence to give your prospective employer a taste of what they can expect. Stun them with your impressive follower numbers, content, engagement and consistency. Make sure you can deliver the same to them—don't be afraid to come to the interview with some ideas. 

2. Customer Care for a Cannabis Producer

The competition in the cannabis space is heating up. Signing up and retaining customers is crucial right now. Do you have the knowledge and attitude to help customers navigate a confusing system, make purchases and even make a severe problem into a pleasant experience? Then you have the Midas touch cannabis companies need right now. 

3. Budtender, Bud Genius, or Terpene Profiler

Can you give patient, one-on-one attention to customers who come to you being herb virgins? It’s not a high-stress position, but bad communication skills and low motivation will stick out publicly if there’s another budtender a metre and a half away doing their job even half more proficiently. 

Get excited about the physiology of cannabis—how the cannabinoids are working in the body—and learn to talk about the product in deeper terms than “indica” or “sativa.” It helps to have experience with a wide range of products and consumption methods. 

4. Marijuana "Strain Hunter"

The legalized marijuana job boom is opening up to would-be employees with black market experience.

Strain hunter is one of those fabled jobs that no one gets employed to do, but it's so ingrained in the DNA of some of the planet's cannabis royalty that they deserve the title on their cards. 

Could you trek the mountains of Afghanistan and jungles of Colombia looking for the rare specimens that make up the very roots of cannabis? Are you part archeologist, part botanist, part mad person? You need a global mind, a whack of street smarts and a passport in good standing to carry out the duties of a strain hunter. How you plan on making a career out of flying around looking for plants is your business. 

5. Cannabis Trimmer at a Grow Op

This is another job that may pay to have black market experience. When marijuana grows, it's surrounded by big leaves that need to be cut down to size around harvest time. The trimmer uses small scissors to get rid of those leaves, to uncover the sweet, sticky bud within.

A full indoor farm might employ about ten trimmers, 25 during high season. A licensed producer will have even more. Some employers pay by the pound while others pay by the hour. 

Can you do this focused physical work for eight or so hours each day? You're allowed to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while you work. The occupation doesn't attract many women, so females might have a leg-up if their prospective employer wants to diversify the tribe. 

6. Ganga Yoga Instructor

Fitness enthusiasts are having a cannabis moment right now, from triathlon runners to weightlifters. It's a unique opportunity for personal trainers, coaches, or instructors to set their services apart if they can figure out a way to add pot to their practice. 

Take ganga yoga for instance. The class begins with time to mingle and consume, before easing into the yoga session. Certification in your chosen yoga discipline is about all that's necessary, but an in-depth knowledge of how cannabis works in the moving body will cement your position as an expert. 

7. Marijuana Law Activist

Interested in marijuana prohibition and legalization? 

Do you get steamed, the more you learn about anti-marijuana measures? You might be cut out for activism.

There's a need for more women in leadership positions in the marijuana and drug-reform movement. Especially around parenting issues.

It's not the highest paying job out there, but organizations like CFAMM (Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana) need boots on the ground to keep initiatives like #DontTaxMedicine going. 

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