Cannabis Infused Wine – The Latest Hangover Cure?

Posted on March 3rd 2019

A nice glass of wine in the evening with dinner is part of an everyday pattern for many people. Evidence indicates that more of us are drinking more alcohol than ever before, and wine is rapidly catching up with beer as the nation’s favorite alcoholic beverage. All of that drinking can lead to some unwanted consequences – some long term and some short term - namely, the uncomfortable morning-after.

If you’ve heard the 'hair of the dog' is one of the best cures for a hangover, you might want to think again. There's a new option. According to a new product that hit the California market this year, Rebel Coast Winery advertises to be the first winery to create a non-alcoholic wine infused with marijuana. They claim you get a great feeling drinking their wine without the worry of a morning after hangover if you over-indulge.

Rebel Coast Winery’s Latest Creation

The winery’s Sauvignon Blanc-flavored bottle is alcohol free, with an authentic wine taste, and mixed with cannabis. One bottle contains a THC content of 16mg; a single serving has 4mg.

The concept behind this exciting new product is to mimic the classic wine-drinking experience, providing a relaxed and happy feeling, without any negative consequences the next day. New cannabis users will be relieved to discover that drinking a glass or two won’t lead to a total lack of control, but should induce feeling great.

Even better for dieters, a single glass contains only 35 calories, and has a pleasant flavour of citrus, lavender and lemongrass. Unfortunately, this exciting product doesn’t come cheap at around $60 USD a bottle. It went on sale officially in California in January 2018, and is now being distributed to other US states where recreational marajuana use is legal.

If the wine proves to be popular, Rebel Coast Winery has expressed an interest in launching more non-alcoholic products  – a rosé and a sparkling wine - that are sure to appeal to an even wider market. As well, they are talking about a CBD infused beverage which will offer all the medicinal properties of cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects.

How Do Rebel Coast Make Their Cannabis Infused Wine?

Rebel Coast Winery uses marijuana flowers to infuse their wine products, heating them up to activate the THC content and then immersing the flowers in wine already partially fermented for 3 – 5 days.

Their wine has an alcohol content of 0.5%, since the rules in California make it quite clear that producers must choose between THC or alcohol content, and cannot make products which contain both.

Of course, wine connoisseurs may say that if there is no alcohol and the grapes haven’t been fermented, a beverage cannot technically be called 'wine'. Whatever the technicalities, it is certainly a fascinating product and may prove popular in certain circles, even though the 'wine' flavour is not entirely true to a classic sauvignon blanc, and tastes of a definite herbal profile.

Can Everyone Drink Marijuana Infused Wine?

Although most people can drink marijuana infused wine without any problems, it is advised that pregnant woman should avoid drinking it. Also, anyone who has heart disease and anyone who has a mental health illness which could be worsened by using cannabis should also abstain. And of course, driving after drinking this beverage is illegal and a bad idea.

Making Your Own Cannabis Infused Wine

Although Rebel Coast Winery products are set to be rolled out through Canada at some point, if you want to save yourself the expense of these leading beverages, you could have a try at making some of your own cannabis infused wine.

You will need a standard wine making starter kit, which you can buy in a home brewing shop or online. Then, according to recipes, approximately one pound of cannabis is needed to include in the container you are using to ferment the wine. It is this process of fermentation which changes the sugar content of the grapes into alcohol, and that alcohol will then extract the THC content from the marijuana plant material. Be warned though, it won’t be a quick process – you’ll need to wait at least nine months before you bottle your exciting new beverage.

Wine Not Your Thing?

Not everyone appreciates a glass of wine – after all, beer is well known to be Canada’s beverage of choice - so if your personal preference in cocktail lies elsewhere, you might be interested to find out that 2019 looks to be an exciting year in Canada for cannabis-infused beverages.

A company called Constellation Brands Inc., which produces and sells alcoholic beverages (one of their most famous being Corona), is making an investment in the biggest licensed producer of marijuana in Canada, Canopy Growth Corp, with a view to developing beverages that are infused with cannabis. They anticipate selling to the public as soon as possible.

Although, as yet, there haven’t been any specific details released about which types of beverages are going to be created through this partnership, both non-alcoholic sodas and beer appear to be potentials. As Constellation also have a large existing portfolio of alcoholic drinks including tequila, wine and vodka, among others, marijuana infused spirits could also appear on the shelves some time soon.

A Hangover-Free Evening

If you’re partial to a glass or two of wine, but sometimes have a little too much, Rebel Coast Winery’s cannabis infsed non alcolohic wine may be an option. A new choice for fun and relaxation without any of the downsides - could well be worth the price of a bottle!

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