Understanding The Effects of CBD

Posted on September 13th 2019

CBD has made a large presence in news articles and other media over the past few years. As the legalization of marijuana becomes a part of life for more areas around the world, both THC and CBD have been getting more attention from medical professionals, medical users and recreational users as well. However, a large variety of people don’t quite understand the effects of CBD, or even what the difference is between CBD and THC. Today we would like to give our readers a better understanding of the effects of CBD.


CBD Can Assist With Pain Management

A very common use for marijuana is, of course, for pain. However, do you know why cannabis is so effective for pain? This is primarily due to the CBD it contains. With the advancement of science, products containing CBD oil are becoming more and more prevalent meaning users can get the benefits of pain management without the side effects that go along with THC consumption. 

How does CBD manage pain? Our bodies have a special system called the endocannabinoid system, and this system regulates a wide variety of our everyday functions. This includes sleep, our immune system response and of course, pain. Our bodies produce these endocannabinoids which bind to cannabinoid receptors that are located in our body’s nervous system. When we use CBD products, it impacts this activity and can ultimately reduce pain and inflammation. 


CBD May Help Reduce Anxiety

Another benefit of CBD is the fact that it can reduce anxiety in its users. Anxiety is a common disorder in today’s society, and many people are searching for a solution to ease their symptoms. CBD can help alleviate these symptoms, and it can be done without having to pair with THC, which can often have the opposite effect. Studies have shown promise that using CBD oil can reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety. This is especially promising to those who are trying to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs to ease their symptoms, preferring a more natural approach. Studies are still being done to this day, but the results are promising! 



With cannabis becoming more and more prevalent in the media, it’s only natural that those with little to no experience be confused when the terms CBD and THC come up. However, these two properties of cannabis have very different effects from one another, and it’s the mixture of these two properties that give the cannabis plant its full results. 

While CBD is used for pain management and anxiety, it also DOES NOT give “the high” that marijuana is known for. CBD on its own has very little side effects and does not have any psychoactive effects whatsoever. THC, on the other hand, is what gives the marijuana plant its psychoactive effects. While THC does have beneficial medical effects, it is also the compound that provides the plant with “the high” that it is known for. Like CBD, THC can also be found in different formats including oil, capsules, edibles and of course, plant form. It’s important to know the differences between THC and CBD, as their effects are vastly different from each other! 


With marijuana’s newly found legal status in Canada, it’s only natural that it gets attention from those who may have never had any experience with the plant before. That’s why it’s so important that people understand what gives the plant its effects: THC and CBD. CBD has many beneficial effects without having any psychoactive side effects. Many users take CBD oil daily to manage pain with much success. Learn more about CBD and its uses!


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