Move Over Chardonnay Mom for the Pot Dad

Posted on August 1st 2018

The dad gig is sacred work. 

There are long hours spent doing kid stuff or working to afford the kid stuff, and the directions for raising well-adjusted spawn has never seemed more complicated. But there are dads out there—and the numbers are growing—who take on the job of single dad or stay-at-home dad. 

Statistics Canada doesn’t know how many pothead parents there are, but the number of stay-at-home dads here is on the rise. 

Although only 2 percent of fathers did the majority of childcare in 1976, by 2014, it was 11 percent, and by 2015 it was 18 percent

While dads notoriously get in trouble for getting lit while babysitting or working at home, they rarely get credit for becoming a calmer, more patient, a more creative parent with the help of cannabis. 

They turn off their adult self and dive into the kid’s headspace. Dads who toke tend to buck trends—sometimes the legal system—to take care of themselves so they can make playtime more exciting, bath time more relaxing, suppertime more delightful, and storytime more engaging. 

Pot dad and art dealer Mark Wolfe wrote a daring (at least at the time) New York Time op-ed piece about how pot makes him a better parent. 

Dan Savage who didn't smoke pot until he was 34-years-old once told The Cannabist that, "I couldn’t sit and play cars for two hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon — unless I was high." 

As a dad and businessperson, Bay Area rapper MC Zumbi wants to stay functional and present when using cannabis. And the best way he’s found to do that is low-dose mints made by a local Oakland cannabis confection company. The 17-year rap game veteran needs to focus at work, and by taking small doses of cannabis, or microdosing, the high is very manageable. “As an adult now trying to be more aware of myself — I just like the smaller doses.”

Joe Rogan smokes plenty of pot and still has the presence to present UFC fights, host a wildly successful podcast and teach his three daughters about discipline and raising chickens. 

Pot dads make Father's Day easy because they're all but registered at the local head shop and they always left their stash accessible enough when we came of age. And anyway, wouldn't you take a pot dad over (or in addition to) a coffee dad, car dad, golf dad, or mom jeans dad? 

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