Simple Storage For Cannabis

Posted on March 5th 2019

The Simplest Way to Properly Store Your Cannabis


Old weed is the worst.

Remember when you first bought it? It looked fresh, smelled flavorful, and tasted delicious. And when you smoked it, it shot you to the moon and back.

Now look at it. Dried out and crushed at the bottom of the baggie you threw it in. And let’s not even mention the taste.

You see, cannabis is like fine wine. Seriously, it is! I’m not being flip or tongue-in-cheek here!

If you store it properly, you can preserve its freshness, its flavor, and its potency.


Here are some simple tips on how to store your cannabis ... properly.

1. Keep it Out of Sunlight

Sunlight is your enemy. (Not your enemy specifically - you need sunlight to live. Everyone knows that!)

No, sunlight is the enemy of your cannabis. Why? Because light degrades THC over time, rendering it less potent.

2. Limit Its Exposure to Air

Over time, oxygen degrades THC and other cannabinoids the same way sunlight does.

3. Keep It Away From Heat

High temperatures can cause your weed to dry out more rapidly, which can ruin the flavor and degrade the cannabinoids.

4. Keep It Away From High Humidity

Cannabis needs some moisture to stay fresh, but not too much! Otherwise, mold will start to grow. The ideal relative humidity level is between 59% and 63%.

To Recap...

When it comes to storing cannabis:

  • Sunlight is bad
  • Air exposure is bad
  • Heat is bad
  • Too much humidity is bad
Here are Some Other Bad Ways to Store Your Cannabis

1. Putting it in a plastic bag

Sandwich bags are convenient storage devices.

Unfortunately, they do a terrible job of keeping your cannabis sealed off from air. If you can sniff a bag of weed and smell the flavor, that means all that flavor is escaping from the bag.

2. Storing Your Weed in the Refrigerator/Freezer

You put your food in the fridge. Why not cannabis?

Here’s why:

  1. You can’t always control the humidity and temperature in the fridge, especially if it’s constantly being opened and closed.
  2. Putting your cannabis in the freezer is a definite no-no because the trichomes on your bud can freeze. The trichomes are where the cannabinoids are produced and could contain high concentrations of THC. If they freeze, they can easily become brittle and fall off.

Edibles, however, are a different story. Depending on the type of edible it is, you may need to stick it in the fridge to ensure freshness.

The Easiest Way to Properly Store Your Cannabis
  • Put it in an airtight container. You don’t need special equipment. A Mason jar will work fine, and you can get them at any home supply store.
  • Make sure the container is appropriate for the amount of cannabis you’re storing. You don’t want to store a small amount of cannabis inside a massive jar. The bigger the jar, the more air can get trapped inside, and the more quickly your cannabis will degrade.
  • Keep it in a cabinet or a drawer. That way, it’ll stay out of the sunlight.
  • Keep it away from heat sources. Don’t put it on top of your fridge or any electronic devices. 

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