The Benefits of Extracting CBD

Posted on December 10th 2019

The legalization of recreational cannabis products in Canada has granted citizens to enjoy the effects that it offers. One of the oils that can be extracted from marijuana plants is called Cannabidiol, which is commonly referred to as CBD. Cannabidiol does not possess any psychoactive ingredients and therefore cannot be used to intoxicate a human being. So, what’s so special about CBD? Well, there are a multitude of health benefits that are derived from the chemical properties that comprise CBD and can be used to treat several conditions and health concerns. Here are a few things that CBD oil can help with:


Relief from Anxiety


Anxiety can affect both the body and mind in mild and severe ways, and medical studies suggest that CBD can alter your brain’s receptors and how they react with serotonin. CBD has been known to decrease the overwhelming effects that anxiety can bring by reducing intense levels of stress, reducing physical effects (i.e. racing heart rate, headaches, cold sweats, etc.), decreased symptoms related to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), as well as improving quality of sleep for individuals with insomnia.


Seizure Prevention


Long before legalization took place in Canada, health care providers were supporting the research of CBD oil for individuals suffering from epileptic seizures.  Medical research indicates that CBD studies are opening the door for a better understanding of the connection between CBD oils and seizures. Although the evidence is not conclusive, more experiments are being completed to verify the effectiveness of CBD for treating epileptic seizures, which in turn will make medicine more accessible for afflicted individuals.


Relief from Pain


The chemical properties of CBD have also been known to provide relief from physical pain, in fact, many cancer patients that have completed their chemotherapy treatments rely on medicines containing CBD oil for efficient pain relief. CBD has been known to provide care to individuals affected by arthritis pain, lingering pain, pain caused by multiple sclerosis, muscle aches & discomfort, and injuries to your spinal cord. One of the most frequently used drugs to treat pain from multiple sclerosis is called Nabiximols. It’s a type of CBD and has been used to treat inflammation for patients.


Acne Treatment


As previously stated, CBD can be used to reduce the effects of inflammation, therefore, CBD can be helpful in treating acne. Studies have shown that CBD oil does well in preventing unwanted movement in the skin’s sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands produce a substance known as sebum, which is an oily element that is generated to keep the skin hydrated. If your skin creates too much sebum, the chances of acne occurring on your face, neck, arms and back are significantly increased.


CBD research continues to showcase the endless possibilities for CBD in medicine. GreenLeaf Productions is committed to producing the purest and finest in CBD extracts custom-tailored to the needs of its consumers and partners.

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