Top 10 Reasons Marijuana is Better than Alcohol

Posted on March 3rd 2019

10. A vape pen in your purse is much easier than carrying a hockey bag filled with 30 Bud Lights.

9. “You smell like booze” is usually followed by a scowl. “You smell like weed” is usually followed by a smirk.

8. Alcohol makes you want to fight. Marijuana makes you feel so good you want to fight...sleep.

7. You think, “Why are there POTholes on the HIGHway”, then laugh for 40 minutes.

6. Beer pong is messy. Bud pong doesn’t exist. OH MY GOD, MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!

5. Too much alcohol makes you throw up. Too much marijuana makes you want a nice brunch.

4. Two martinis and you’re crying about an ex. Two joints and you’re thinking how much you love everyone.

3. We’d way rather sit around listening to Pink Floyd smiling, than at a keg party screaming the lyrics to a
      Notorious BIG song. Actually, either is fine with weed.

2. “You want to buy a shot with me for $5?” “Nah, how about a hit from my bowl for free.”

1. Alcohol makes you play “Explain your injury” the next morning. Weed makes you play, “Explain your
     enlightenment” the next morning.

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