Why Cannabis Became a Part of My Morning Workout

Posted on March 5th 2019

By a blog writer:

I’m a morning-workout kinda guy. I’m also an edible-right-before-my-morning-workout kinda guy.

The edible usually kicks in during the middle of the workout, which is great. I totally forget about it; I’m just focusing on my body and my movements. Then all of a sudden, this wave of euphoria lifts me up.

A Lot of Professional Athletes Use Cannabis

I’m definitely not alone in my decision to combine cannabis with my exercise -- or any physical performance for that matter. Remember that big hoopla over Olympic swim champion Michael Phelps using cannabis? Apparently, his pot use didn’t stop him from winning 11 gold medals.

That’s far from the only example. Cannabis users can be found in nearly every professional sport: basketball, football, snowboarding, boxing, body-building, cricket…

Former NHL player Riley Cote claims that over half the league uses cannabis.

Benefits of Cannabis and Exercise

In the case of pro athletes, many use cannabis as a recovery tool. It relieves pain, inflammation, and can relax muscle tension. Of course, there are also athletes and fitness buffs who use cannabis to enhance their workout. They feel less pain and more euphoria while exercising, which makes them enjoy the experience a whole lot more.

Think about it: how much more appealing would your treadmill look if you were able to use cannabis before hopping on it?

Drawbacks to Mixing Cannabis with Exercise

A huge component of exercising safely is knowing your limits. Our body’s pain response is designed to let us know when we’ve reached that limit.
But cannabis can turn the volume down on that pain alert system. You might be able to work out faster and with greater intensity, but if you’re getting close to injuring yourself, you may not know it.

You also don’t want to take too high a dose. Cannabis affects our motor control and our ability to focus and process information. There’s no point to adding cannabis into your exercise regimen if you can barely stay on the treadmill.

You should also avoid combining exercise with cannabis if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition unless you’ve already gotten approval from a doctor.

A Couple More Cannabis Rules to Live By...and Exercise By

Microdose. It’s all about finding the right dose. Not too much, but not too little. If you don’t know what that dose level is, try microdosing (taking small amounts of cannabis) until you reach a dose that’s optimum for your workout.

Start off with simple exercises. Jogging. Yoga. Push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups. Elliptical machines. You’re less likely to do damage to yourself doing these types of exercises than ones that are more intense and require more coordination, like weight-lifting or cycling. Once you’ve done these for a while and feel confident you can maintain sufficient control of your body, you can level up.

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