Why In-House Cannabis Testing Is So Important

Posted on October 21st 2019

The legal cannabis marketplace in Canada has provided millions of Canadians with safe and effective cannabis products. To keep all our clients satisfied with our CBD and THC products, we put our extracts through rigorous tests to ensure they are pure and uncontaminated. Our target market is not limited to a single industry; we produce customized THC/CBD oil for hemp farmers, scientific researchers, retail partners and exporters approved under Canadian law. Our in-house testers guarantee that all oil being sent out meets our quality standards, and we will never settle for anything less. Here are a few reasons why in-house cannabis testing is imperative:


Why In-House Testing Is So Important


Cannabis testing, first and foremost, is mandatory to ensure that all consumers are safe while consuming cannabis products, as well as to ensure that consumers are content with the quality of the cannabis products. Health Canada guidelines enforce cannabis testing, and as a precautionary measure, each shipment undergoes rigorous inspection and testing from a third-party company. Upon the alert of any potential contamination, the production & shipment of any possibly harmful product is cancelled immediately and put on hold until the origin of the concern can be identified. 


In-house testing is particularly pertinent in the cannabis industry; many individuals that rely on THC and CBD products as a form of medicine may already have weakened immune systems. Contaminated cannabis products could essentially put our customers at risk of sickness and infection, which is why we put all our products through a series of tests and probes.


The Accuracy of Existing Cannabinoids in Our Products


Historically, the distribution of products with high levels of cannabinoids was a major selling point for illegal producers in Canada. Before 2018, there were no regulatory standards put in place by the Government of Canada or Health Canada, which allowed producers of CBD and THC products to label that their products were higher in cannabinoid content to produce more revenue and increase sales.

As more reliable information becomes available to Canadian consumers, the less we are seeing them buy products based on THC/CBD content. Instead, consumers are thinking critically about their purchases, including taking attributes such as smell into more in-depth consideration.


Much like alcohol consumers can select their product after reading the alcohol content percentage, cannabis users should always be able to choose products that they deem to be safe for them to use. 




There is no longer an excuse for cannabis and hemp producers to manufacture products that do not go above and beyond to keep consumers happy and healthy. Due to the utilization of our ultramodern ethanol system and extraction techniques, Canadian producers will be able to choose cannabis oil that has undergone a scrupulous examination to ensure it boasts a first-rate colour, transparency, and quality. If you’ve seriously considered launching a CBD or THC product line, be sure to contact Green Leaf Productions Inc. for more information!

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