The Team

Nigel Boast, LLB, MBA, BSc, PMP: Consulting Director

A Canadian Citizen and a resident of Kelowna for the past 20 years, Nigel holds a Bachelor of Science (Zoology and Biochemistry), Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Business, and certification as a US Project Management Professional. Also, he is a British Commonwealth Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney, was a partner in a Law Firm and worked for Deloitte’s Australian and Midlands Bank in Australia. He holds qualifications and certifications in the Canadian Food Safety and Enhancement Program (pre- requisite programs) BCIT, and Hazard Critical Control Points Planning HACCP (NSF). These qualifications, along with his legal training, are required in the Canadian Cannabis industry for quality control and regulatory compliance.

Nigel is President and CEO of Growth West Finance Ltd, Kelowna BC., a firm specializing in financing technology start-ups since 2002. He was the co-founder and CEO of Viroforce Systems Inc., a BC Biotech company for nine years, which developed a disruptive mobile gaseous disinfection technology. During this time, he was the Scientific Project Manager and was responsible for assisting in setting up state-of-the- art R&D biotechnology laboratories in Vancouver. More recently, in the last 4 years, his company has specialized in consulting to the Canadian Federal Government Cannabis Industry on licensing, regulatory compliance and business plans for funding of legal cannabis operations.



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Mike Hodgson
Founder, President and CEO
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Paul Culbert
PhD, HBSc: Director, Quality Assurance
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Rick Smyth
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
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Nigel Boast
LLB, MBA, BSc, PMP: Consulting Director