The Team

Paul Culbert, PhD, HBSc: Director, Quality Assurance

Alternate Senior Person in Charge. Paul joins ThreeFourteen CBD by Design, Greenleaf Productions Inc., as the Quality Assurance and Technical Director after a 25 year career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Past posts include Principal Research Scientist at Eli Lilly Canada, Research and Development Manager at Bimeda MTC in Cambridge, ON along with management positions at Pfizer Global Research in Ann Arbour, MI and GlaxoSmithKline in Mississauga, ON. Paul received his Ph.D. and Honours Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Western University, London, ON.



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Mike Hodgson
Founder, President and CEO
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Paul Culbert
PhD, HBSc: Director, Quality Assurance
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Rick Smyth
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
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Nigel Boast
LLB, MBA, BSc, PMP: Consulting Director